Friday, January 1, 2016

Mainly Mania, 34

(obsession doggerel)

What the Hell? Demonomania

He found he was obsessed with hell—
It didn’t suit him very well
(He was a huge fan of Adele).

But demons fascinated him
(I know, I know—it’s awfully grim)—
They filled his cup, clear to the brim.

He’d do whatever he could do
To summon them into his view:
He’d chant or he would mix a brew

Of nasty, purely evil things—
And all had fangs; a few had wings;
A few had once been parts of kings.

Then one day all the summoned came—
And he, of course, bore all the blame
When all of them then filed a claim

For his poor everlasting soul.
And down he went—the deepest hole—
Where demons live in fiery coal. 

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