Sunday, January 24, 2016

Chicken Big, 7

Frightening Doggerel

Don't Send in the Clowns: coulrophobia

They took him to the circus, where
He got so scared he gasped for air.

The clowns, especially, were grim—
Their ghastly faces frightened him.

His parents could not understand—
Why was their son now so unmanned?

They took him, screaming, from the tent—
Those seated near were glad they went.

So home they went, unhappy three,
This much unsettled family.

That night, the father, painted face,
Awoke his son, began to chase

The kid around the room—not nice.
The dad had hoped this would suffice

To straighten out his timid son,
But when the dad at last was done,

The kid picked up a baseball bat
And whacked the “clown.” A big ker-SPLAT!

And so the moral of this tale:
Don't scare your kid: He’ll not just wail.

So let kids fear. Relax. Just chill.
Or meet some wood from Louisville! 

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