Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mainly Mania, 45

(obsession doggerel)

Right in the Kisser: philemomania

The very best of love, he thought,
Is not the “bed part”—no it’s not.

It’s when the lips of lovers meet—
The first time that the lovers greet

A future no one can predict.
Will their fidelity be strict?

Or will one wander far astray,
And symbolize the word betray?

He wasn’t sure—but he’d not miss
The mystery of that first kiss.

And so he kissed his way through life,
Forgetting all about a wife.

And then one day he woke and said,
“I am so old—I’ll soon be dead.”

Amazingly, he found a bride—
They kissed for years … until they died.

Some friends broke in—Was much amiss?
And found them locked in their last kiss.

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