Friday, January 29, 2016

Chicken Big, 12

Frightening Doggerel

Which Witch? goetophobia

He had a vicious, ceaseless itch.
A friend advised, “I know a witch”—

“Enough!” he cried. “There ain’t no way
That I will see a witch today—

Or any day. They freak me out!”—
Intensity that left no doubt

Of his sincere sincerity.
And so they dropped it, willingly.

But on and on the itch endured,
And he despaired of being cured.

At last on one depressing day
He simply scratched his skin away.

A witch appeared: “I'll not be rude.
My spells once could’ve cured this dude.”

But he was dead, without a breath,
And there’s no spell to cancel death. 

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