Friday, January 15, 2016

Mainly Mania, 48

(obsession doggerel)

Hot Dude: thermomania

His thermomania, we know,
Took guises odd and strange.
He stared for hours at the flames
On his old kitchen range.

And he loved staring at the sun—
Which put him in a bind,
For you can’t do that very long
Without becoming blind.

His thermomania, we know,
Took guises strange and odd—
But none as self-defeating as
His curses at his God

Whenever it was cloudy—or
His fireplace wouldn’t light—
Or matches wouldn’t flare at all:
When nothing seemed just right.

Though I must say that it turned out
For him, I guess, just swell.
For he has lots of flames to watch
In H-E-Double-L.

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