Saturday, January 2, 2016

Mainly Mania, 35

(obsession doggerel)

Home run: drapetomania

Nostalgia didn't flood his mind
When he recalled his home.
Instead, he thought of Athens and
Of Paris and of Rome.

Remembering his home, he thought,
No, not of love and play;
Instead, he just recalled that he
Had wished to run away.

And he had done it—run away—
A thousand times before.
But, hungry, he returned each time—
To eat and sleep and more

And on this pattern reoccurred—
Until his parents balked.
So then one day when he went home,
He found the door was locked.

That ended his odd mania—
He saw his parents weep.
But now, at least, he had a place
To eat and drink and sleep. 

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