Friday, January 22, 2016

Chicken Big, 5

Frightening Doggerel

Conclusion Jumper: catapedophobia

Most folks have surely heard of Jack,
The candle-jumper, front and back—
But then he had a strange attack

Of fear. He now was terrified
And hated what this change supplied.
He sometimes wished that he had died.

And soon the very sound of “jump”
Would send him to a mental dump—
Yes, Jack was in a jumping slump.

He trembled when he had to walk—
Each step a little jump. A talk
With a kind therapist, a doc,

Whose accent was a little thick—
But cured our Jack—yes, sure and quick—
Who then jumped o’er a candlestick.

But he was rusty—with a gut—
So when he landed, you know what?
He found that he had scorched his butt!

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