Monday, January 4, 2016

Mainly Mania, 37

(obsession doggerel)

To Bee or Not to Bee: apiomania

Young Hamlet loved the honey bees.
To see them float on Danish breeze
Would sometimes take him to his knees.

But Gertrude (Mom) was not so sure—
She thought it was so immature
To dote on bees. She sought a cure.

She told her son about a ghost—
Which scared the little boy the most—
A ghost who’d really loved to roast

A kid who is obsessed with bees.
So Hamlet cried, “Oh, Mother, please!
Please stop!” She did. And—to appease

The lad—she let his uncle play
With him (yes almost every day).
And soon poor Mommy went astray.

It should have been not hard to see:
You separate a boy from bee—
And thus give birth to Tragedy.

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