Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mainly Mania, 39

(obsession doggerel)

Will you …?: gamomania (mania for making odd marriage proposals)

Okay, I asked a tree to wed—
But it said no (no room in bed).

And so I moved on to a duck—
But she said no (such rotten luck).

So why not wed a favorite book?
But Moby gave me not a look.

“So I’ll wed Juliet!” I cried.
(I had not heard that she had died.)

So then I tried a kangaroo—
But she cried, “What is wrong with you?”

And punched me—hard—right in the face,
And I fell down and stayed in place.

When I woke up (somewhere near dawn),
I found my mania was gone.

I asked a woman. She said, “No.”
And so I tried a buffalo.

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