Monday, October 6, 2014

Workout Woman

Workout Woman

My Workout Woman’s up each dawn
Before the eastern sun.
She gathers all she'll need today—
Leaves not a thing undone.

She creeps downstairsI'm still abed,
So she attempts to be
As silent as is possible,
Descends so quietly. 

I hear her open-close the door
As she heads on outside.
The plop of papers on the porch—
My eyes are open wide.

She starts the car, backs down the drive,
Then zooms off to the club—
While I am sort of still asleep—
Aye, “sort of”there's the rub.

My Workout Woman’s on the way
To do her lifts and laps—
While I, a slothful slug-a-bed,
Will sleep some more perhaps.

But soon, too soon, the Cricket
Chirps (that's Jiminy, you know)—
He's telling me Get out of bed!
You pudgy sourdough!

So out I crawl—reluctantly.
Ablutions then perform,
And think the while of comforters,
So thick and oh so warm!

I hear my Workout Woman come
Inside the door again.
She's home from her exertions now—
My face still creased with sin.

Oh, Mr. Realtor, I am not
All that particular,
But this new house is—just a bit—
Too slantindicular.

Shakespeare Couplet:  Romeo and Juliet (10)

“Enough of this, I pray thee hold thy peace.”
The mother wishes from the Nurse release! (1.3)

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