Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Ghost Bird

The Ghost Bird
Pioneer Trail, Aurora, OH

Emerging from the trees—a ghost in flight.
I swerved, was startled by the sudden sight
Of such a bird. It flew with ancient grace
And slicing speed—perhaps a hawk in chase?
But no. This bird was far too large. No hawk
I've seen before could cause the shock
That this bird did. An eagle? Could it be?
In this small wood along old Pioneer
With schools and athletic fields so near?
Nor could it be a buzzard, though the span
Of wings was buzzard-broad, much wider than
A hawk’s. There were no dangling legs, the kind
A heron shows in flight. All things combined?
It was a ghost. Some prehistoric thing
Awakens after eons, then takes wing
Across the road, and quickly soars beyond,
Allowing only moments to respond,
And leaving us in arms of wonder. Oh,
I'm dazzled by the things I fail to know.
My eyes direct me to what matters most,
And all I think is that I’ve seen a ghost.

Beside a different road—some mourning doves
Discuss their daily needs, their fears, their loves.
They seem to coo as we glide nearly by—
Perhaps they’ve seen that ghost there in the sky?

First, I got a meaty grubstake.
Then I ordered juicy club steak.

[grubstake = to provide with material assistance (as a loan) for launching an enterprise or for a person in difficult circumstances]

Shakespeare Couplet:  Romeo and Juliet

“If they do see thee, they will murder thee,”
Warns Juliet, but he declines to flee. (2.2)

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