Saturday, October 18, 2014

Aurora's Honored Educators

Aurora’s Honored Educators
17 October 2014

The room was full of fabled folk—
Of teachers long retired—
Who gathered there to celebrate
Those colleagues who inspired

Their students and the rest of us—
Through many, many years,
Admiring speeches sometimes soaked
In grateful streams of tears.

Kmetz-Kutinsky—these were two
Who nursed and guided me,
And both now have a permanence
In my frail memory.

We honored excellence today—
In such variety,
Two teachers who had long displayed
Their classroom alchemy.

1. Dumb …

The feisty, feckless, fabled fool
Shall seek some solace skipping school.

2. … and Dumber

I just ordered lots of iced tea—
Why’d the server get so feisty?

Shakespeare Couplet:  Romeo and Juliet (22)

She learns that Romeo’s a Montague.
Identity—there’s naught we can undo. (1.5)

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