Monday, October 20, 2014

Dreaded Day

A Dreaded Day

The dreaded day’s again arrived—
It shows that summer’s gone.
It is the day I go outside
And put the storm doors on.

Transition days—especially
The dreaded ones each year—
Remind us of mortality
And coat our hours with fear.

Will we survive Old Winter's winds—
The cold, the ice, the snow—
His bareness and ferocity?
We cannot ever know—

Until  the warming winds return—
Until the cold’s withdrawn—
Until I feel it’s safe—at last—
To put the screens back on.

 1. Dumb ...

I liked to watch him eat a meal—
So cultured—civilized—genteel.

2. ... and Dumber

Jen asked me, "Is the color right?
Does it have some appeal?"
"What is that color?" I replied.
Said exquisite Jen: "Teal."

Shakespeare Couplet:  Romeo and Juliet

“But passion lends them power”—so we hear
The Prologue speak—dire tragedy looms near. (2.Prologue)

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