Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Coming Up Shorts; or Shorts Subject; or, Shorts Story

Coming Up Shorts; or, Shorts Subject; or Shorts Story

On Tuesday it was fairly warm—
It was as per reports—
And so I put the jeans aside,
Put on a pair of shorts.

I wore the sandals, too, of course—
And—for you fashion hawks—
I did not pull an Old-Guy move
And wear them with some socks.

For I am such a fashion hound—
GQ looks up to me
When crafting articles about
The highest denier cri*.

And out I walked, attired in style,
And it was kind of sad:
I heard a passerby remark,
“Dementia … too bad.”

*I had to look this up recently. Means "the newest fashion."

Want to keep your life intact while
Playing games of crambo?
Do not cheat while playing with
That fierce and famous Rambo.

Shakespeare Couplet:  Romeo and Juliet (19)

Hot Tybalt thinks he smells a Montague:
Some violence is what he'd like to do. (1.5)

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