Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hot Films

Hot Films

When I was teaching years ago,
Before the Internet,
Before our streaming video—
Yes, even pre-cassette—

I’d show a movie, now and then—
The reel (old-fashioned) kind.
A 16 millimeter film
Required that I rewind

When it had reached the frame “The End.”
And I, of course complied.
But what my students really liked?
To see a film get fried.

Sometimes the film would not advance—
Would catch and freeze in place.
And then the hot projector lamp
Responded—and in haste. 

The frame would melt—and on the screen
An image bright and clear,
And I would curse (beneath my breath),
And all the kids would cheer.

You know how bad those old films were
When, sounding like a choir,
The kids would sing hosannas while
Applauding melting fire.


1. Dumb …

I could not bear his baleful stare—
It gave me fits—and frosted hair.

2. … and Dumber

Bobby saw an awful fire that
Threatened Betty’s bonnet,
So he got a pail of sludge and
Threw a baleful on it.

Shakespeare Couplet:  Romeo and Juliet (18):

"O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!"
Cries Romeo, who now enjoys the night. (1.5)

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