Sunday, October 5, 2014

Mark It

Mark It

It's market day out on the Green.
A cooler day, a busy scene.

The Amish huddle in the cold.
A cooler day, so little sold.

They wear their customary dress—
With no intention to impress.

Some shoppers wear designer clothes—
With labels everybody knows.

The Amish look with cryptic eyes,
Their main concern—the lowering skies.

The shoppers squeeze the fruit they find—
You must not buy the spoiling kind.

Dissatisfied with Nature’s flaws,
They move along to other stalls.

The Amish keep their faces plain.
They're not, they know, in their domain.

I'm heading home, just passing through.
A tourist’s evanescent view.

Above our house, in rising wind,
A struggling hawk I apprehend.

He soon surrenders in the fight,
Allows the wind to guide his flight.

He's soaring sideways overhead,
A raptor—creature born of dread.

Below him is the marketplace.
He swoops beyond with Nature’s grace.

A flash of sun—his feathers gleam.
Yes, hawks are always what they seem.

1. Dumb …

The cowboy tried so valiantly
To turn the big stampede,
But he could not convince the cows
To stop and retrocede.

2. ... and Dumber

He bought some ancient Aztec grain—
Sufficient for his need.
He dug up all his newer corn,
Commenced to retrocede. 

Shakespeare Couplet:  Romeo and Juliet (9)

The Nurse and Lady Capulet agree:
Fair Juliet is young—thirteen is she. (1.3)

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