Friday, October 17, 2014

Waiting Room

Waiting Room

So often now we undergo
Some tests at clinics. Well we know
The reasons: Time, of course,
The principal. Without remorse
He taints our blood with toxins and
At times it’s so much to withstand—
The knowledge, first of all, that we
Must go. Must sit. Anxiety
Our close companion in the chair
Beside us. Any other where
Is preferable by far to this,
So near the bottomless abyss
Where Fear conceals in purest black
The hope we need to pull us back.
Our bodies disobey commands,
And so we sit. We wait. Hold hands.
And feel in them the warmth of hope.
Is there another way to cope?
I'm fairly certain there is not.
We face our fate with what we've got—
A lover who can understand
The solace in a lover’s hand.  

Off to the ashram worried Tommy sped—
He sought serenity inside his head.

Shakespeare Couplet:  Romeo and Juliet (21)

“You kiss by th’ book,” she says to Romeo;
The Nurse arrives, so Juliet must go. (1.5)

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