Friday, October 31, 2014

The Dancing Deer

This will be the final entry in the Daily Doggerel series. As the Walrus said, "The time has come." I will be publishing on Kindle Direct a final collection of these pieces (it will be the 7th volume) and will post here when it is available--probably in a week or so.

A Dancing Deer

A couple cars ahead of us—a dance.
A deer had dashed—had taken such a chance
On crossing Highway 91. She did
Not look, of course. And when we heard cars skid
And saw them swerve. I quickly hit the brakes—
No need for any fatuous mistakes,
Not at my age, an age when “tripping” has
A different meaning than in days of jazz
And Sixties’ foolishness. And as we stopped,
We saw the deer, in panic, then adopt
Contorted choreography. It worked!
And though I won't persuade you that she twerked,
It was a sort of sexy move. O, deer!
What have you done? Your move—so full of fear—
Has caused a man to have a naughty thought.
O, Nature! Do you know what you have wrought?
Both Freud and Darwin see their theories win,
But must, in-graved, begin a tortured spin.

Today, I fear, I had to shelve
My plan to study—really delve
Into the Mystery of Twelve.
(Why don’t we have a word Twoteen?
It makes more senseknow what I mean?)

Shakespeare Couplet:  Romeo and Juliet

The Nurse and Romeo will now conspire
To stoke the glowing embers of Love’s fire. (2.4)

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