Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Computer Howl: Monday

Computer Howl: Monday

It happened once again today:
Computer up and quit,
While I, enraged, cried to the gods,
“What’s with this piece of ****!?”

My Gmail failed to work at all;
The other programs slowed,
And soon my hoary handsome head
Was ready to explode.

So off I went—yes, once again!—
Repair shop, here I come,
The wounded laptop in my arms …
Oh, what would be the sum

I’d have to pay for surgery?
(My thoughts were drear and rank.)
I hoped repairs were simple—that
They would not break the bank.

Oh, if I didn’t need that thing,
That laptop—what an if!
I’d take it out to Yellowstone and
Hurl it off a cliff!

And those who send out viruses?
And malware and the lot?
They’ve got a reservation for
A place that’s very hot.

You seem so wired—yes this so,
And though I hope the answer’s “no,”
Some friends suspect you’re doing blow—
Which could be true, for aught I know. 

Shakespeare Couplet:  Romeo and Juliet (11)

“It is an honor that I dream not of,”
Says Juliet of marriage—what of love? (1.3)

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