Monday, October 27, 2014



I leaned back in my study chair
To grab a folder near.  
The next I knew, I supine lay—
I’d found a new frontier.

My balance in my sunset years
Is nothing to behold.
It’s just more certain evidence
That I am getting old.

I stumble over rumpled rugs,
On magazines and books—
I visit them there on the floor
To give them closer looks.

And soon, I know, so very soon,
I will not have a prayer,
And I will fall because, you see,
I’ve stumbled on the air.

And when it’s air that's tripping me,
I know The End is nigh,
And soon enough I’ll find it’s time
That I must say, “Buh-bye!”

I liked her parabolic tale
About the journey of a snail.

Shakespeare Couplet:  Romeo and Juliet

So sweetly, sorrowfully the lovers part—
Each carries now the other lover’s heart. (2.2)

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