Sunday, October 12, 2014

October Sun

October Sun

The morning sun. The coffee shop.
October—it's the time
When Sol arises later to
Commence his daily climb.

The windows in the coffee shop—
The floor-to-ceiling kind—
Are useless in the solar wars:
I've learned, and I'm resigned

To early-morning punishment—
The laser-flares of sun
That find my eyes where I am perched
To blast and blind and stun.

It doesn't last so very long—
Shy of eternity—
But it's sufficient, every day,
To overmatch wee me.

I turn away; I shift my seat
Until the earth moves on
In its diurnal journey toward
The night from early dawn.

So patience is the weapon that
Defeats insistent light
As we ourselves are journeying
Toward the final night.

It takes us years to learn hard truth
(Is there another kind?):
The light that paints the earth each day
Can dazzlealso blind.

 With my winnings out in Vegas
Paid for bling attached to tragus.

Shakespeare Couplet:  Romeo and Juliet (16)

“I talk of dreams,” Mercurio then declares,
So unaware of imminent despairs. (1.4)

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