Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Chicken Big, 37

Frightening Doggerel

Whale of a Fear: phallainophobia

Don had a thorough fear of whales,
But fearful that the local jails

Would house his wayward son,
Don, Sr. quickly thought of one

Solution: yes, a whaling trip
Aboard that mighty whaling ship,

The Pequod—yes, that famous boat
With Captain Ahab. All she wrote.

For Moby-Dick again arose
And brought the Pequod to its close.

And Ishmael, floating in the tide,
Saw Don as he slipped right inside

The whale. And there, poor Don could see
Old Jonah was preparing tea.

“So welcome, Don,” old Jonah said.
“It’s not that bad here—being dead.

And do you like your tea with cream?”
And wondered Don, “Is this a dream.”


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