Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chicken Big, 25

Frightening Doggerel

Dark Bark: lygophobia

The dog was boarding Noah’s ark—
But that poor critter feared the dark.

He saw old Noah on the deck
And asked for help: “Hey, what the heck!

If you want me to be alive,
I must have light—or not survive!”

And Noah said, “I'll help you, pooch,
But never let me see you mooch

Here on the deck.” The dog agreed
But had some fun there, guaranteed.

The diet on the ark was slim—
And had a big effect on him.

He lost a lot of doggy fat,
But soon on high Mt. Ararat

He found his way back on the ground
And mentally was very sound.

His fear of darkness—gone away.
Though he preferred the light of day. 

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