Monday, February 22, 2016

Chicken Big, 36

Frightening Doggerel

The Ghost Is Toast: phasmophobia

Young Casper grew up fearing ghosts,
A fear that grew from bad to worse.
The thought of them caused him to curse.
He dreamed of flights to distant coasts.

But then he learned what he feared most:
His mother finally told the truth
To this poor very frightened youth:
“Oh, Casper, Casper, you’re a ghost!"

And Casper scratched his puzzled head.
He stared in wonder at his mom,
Who just had dropped this awful bomb.
“So, Mother, you and I are dead?”

She nodded. He said, “I won’t boast,
But, Mom, I now will promise you
That I will be both bold and true—
And I will be a friendly ghost!”

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