Friday, December 4, 2015

Mainly Mania, 6

Selfie: egomania

Jim bought himself a selfie stick
And learned to use it (he was quick),
But soon his Facebook friends were sick

Of seeing of all the pics of him,
So they unfriended our poor Jim,
And things were looking pretty grim.

A suicide? Perhaps with knife?
But then a girl came in his life,
And soon they married—man and wife.

And then Jim learned another trick—
And thought that he was really slick.
He bought a longer selfie stick.

And soon his wife grew awfully tired—
Her love for him just soon expired.
She left him—not what Jim desired.

And now Jim’s left with only Jim.
But Jim does not grow tired of him.
In fact, he wrote a lengthy hymn

That celebrated who he was,
And now he's really thrilled because
Jim’s always thrilled with what Jim does. 

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