Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mainly Mania, 25

(obsession doggerel)

Wisdom: sophomania

His parents named him Socrates.
He hated it and begged them, “Please,
Dear Mom and Dad—it’s awful! Geez!”

But they refused. And later on
He found (all his resentment gone)
He was a king—no, not a pawn!

“Oh, I’m a genius!” he maintained.
His therapist had then explained
That he was not—and had him chained

And kept the poor guy tranquilized
Until, perhaps, he realized
His error. Then he stabilized!

And cried, “I’m just a normal man!
Oh, let me go, please, if you can.
I’ll settle for the name of Dan,

A name that fits a slower dude—
I hope you don’t think I am rude?”
Thus chains can change your attitude.

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