Friday, December 25, 2015

Mainly Mania, 27

(obsession doggerel)

Holiday: noelmania [I made this up, I think]

He had a strong fixation that
Commenced in late November. He
Became a Christmas autocrat—
Expressed in Christmas lunacy.

His lights went up; the music played;
He dressed like dear old Santa Claus;
He bought a reindeer (named it Wade)
But soon was ostracized because

He was a little past the pale,
The fence that most of us observe.
And soon he found himself in jail—
A sentence now he had to serve.

They let him out on Christmas Eve.
He raced to check upon his elves.
And found he still had time to leave:
They’d done the needed work themselves.

He loaded up his fabled sleigh,
With Rudolph leading at the head,
And off he flew—he knew the way—
Delivering each doll and sled.

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