Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mainly Mania, 11

(obsession doggerel)

Dead On: necromania

The Ghouls were really kind of odd—
Not just a normal family.
They hated salmon, steak, and cod.
Instead they favored what was free—

Like girls and boys and women, men—
Whomever they found lying ’round.
And what they ate? A mortal sin.
Their food was dead—and under ground.

The graveyard was their grocery store—
And also their beloved café.
They ate there every night—such gore!
A very special grim buffet.

There are few families like the Ghouls—
They live in ghoulish little packs.
Oh, do not think the Ghouls are fools—
Instead, they’re necromaniacs. 

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