Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mainly Mania, 12

(obsession doggerel)

Bucks (and Ducks?) Up: plutomania

Old Scrooge McDuck loved money, so
He kept it all in massive piles,
The sight of which brought greedy smiles.
Yes, Scrooge could roll in lots of dough.

And Ebenezer Scrooge—yes, he
Of Charles Dickens’ lasting fame—
Gave to the greedy his harsh name,
A kind of immortality.

And Dyer? Well, he has lots of dough—
But just the kind for baking bread.
Yes, sourdough keeps family fed—
It is his favorite, don’t you know?

He doesn’t drive a Cadillac—
But they have bread to share and eat.
He makes a mess (he’s not too neat),
This baking plutomaniac!

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