Monday, December 21, 2015

Mainly Mania, 23

(obsession doggerel)

Days Are Numbered: arithomania

“You seem obsessed with numbers,” said
The doctor with the chart.
“The numerals are everywhere—
Inside your head and heart.”

"I know," sniffed Boris, “and I'm glad
In ways that I can’t count.
I love that numbers multiply;
Forever they will mount.”

“Oh, they will stop,” the doctor sighed,
“Inside your heart and head.”
“When’s that?” asked Boris skeptically.
“When you,” he said, “are dead!”

“You’re wrong!” cried Boris, self-assured.
“Now listen well—attend!
The years will still accumulate
And Time will never end.”

“It ends for you the day you die—
A fact you can’t surmount.
The numbers really stop for you
When you aren’t there to count.”

Depressed, poor Boris headed home
Inside a sort of daze.
He was unhappy—angry, too.
Oh, let me count the ways!

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