Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Chicken Big, 58

Frightening Doggerel

Animaul: zoophobia

Tad knew his fear of animals
Was not a fear to vanish soon.
He feared them all—from bears to gulls—
At night and morning, afternoon.

For years Tad well avoided them—
Stayed out of “nature”—city parks.
So many things just startled him,
Like coos and meows and quacks and barks.

But one sad day Tad took a walk
Into the woods—his lady fair.
And interrupting lovey talk?
A very hungry grizzly bear.

Who ate them both—I know: ’Tis sad.
But I must keep it honest here.
The bear left on the ground a tad
Of Tad: A little piece of ear.

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