Saturday, March 5, 2016

Chicken Big, 48

Frightening Doggerel

Bull: taurophobia

So, at his job he'd little pull,
And his poor mind was always full
Of fears—especially the bull

That sniffed around outside the place.
It had a gruesome, fearsome face.
Oh, he looked like a deadly case.

But this old bull was Ferdinand,
Who sniffed the flowers close at hand,
Was known for mildness through the land.

But still the fear consumed our lad—
Among all cases, very bad.
So he confessed this to his dad,

Who said, “A bull’s a kind of cow,
So find some courage, please, somehow.
Now leave me—time for Netflix now.”

Our lad remembered flowers then—
He'd read the book, oh, way back when.
His gift relaxed him once again.

And Ferdinand was very pleased.
Our lad’s deep fear was fully eased—
No more by terror was he seized.

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