Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cavalcade of Cliché,48

(A parade of words and phrases eligible for retirement.)

Prom King (note the irony)

So “a virgin on prom night”—a saying I’ve heard
Means a number of things (or so I have inferred).

It can mean basic innocence—naïveté.
Can describe someone who just does not know The Way.

But I think of myself at my very first prom
When I borrowed the car from my dad and my mom.

And so off I then drove in mysterious night,
Where I found I could not do a single thing right.

Oh, now don’t get all filthy—or picture the worst:
I was just a dumb kid—and this prom was my first.

I could not dance too well—nor converse worth a hoot;
I was awkward and foolish and clueless to boot.

And so I remained (a forgettable date!)
A sad teen—with no hope for true love on his plate. 

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