Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cavalcade of Cliché, 47

(A parade of words and phrases eligible for retirement.)


She just could not convince her man
To travel round the earth.
He always had excuses—like
He didn’t like Ft. Worth;

The mountains bored him—oceans, too;
And deserts? Too much sand.
Alaska had just too much ice,
And China too much land.

And so they had some arguments—
Some quite impressive rows—
He couldn’t leave, he said, until
He counted all his cows.

“You don’t have cows!”she yelled at him,
Her anger rich and full.
“And all your dumb excuses are,
I know, a bunch of bull!”

And so she left him for a guy
Who swept her off to Rome,
While he streamed Netflix, waiting for
His cows to come back home. 

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