Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cavalcade of Cliché, 24

(A parade of words and phrases eligible for retirement.


I somehow traveled to the past—
And woke up in a cave,
Where prehistoric women stared
At me. And was I brave?

Oh no. I made some desperate sounds
Like “gorf” and “gork” and “fub.”
Mistake. A man with giant stick
Said, “Welcome to the club.”

I woke up in the ICU,
Relieved that I was safe.
But then I saw my hands were bound,
And had begun to chafe.

The doctor, masked, came in the room;
He held a giant stick,
And now I really wished that I
Were actually sick.

He bonked me on the head again.
But, oh, that was not all:
This was no ICU—It was
The Club Neanderthal.

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