Sunday, December 25, 2016

ZooWeird 25

A doggerel series about odd or little-known animals.

The frill-necked lizard ,which belongs to the agamid family, can be mainly found in northern Australia and southern New Guinea. Its name derives from the large frill surrounding its neck. The frill necked lizard stays folded for most of the time; however, whenever this strange animal is in danger it opens up its mouth and the frill folds out. By doing this the lizard seems bigger and scarier to its potential predators. If this fail , the lizard has one more defense mechanism to employ , its speed. The frilled dragon is exceptionally fast and can even "sprint" on its two hind legs. Actually the way it runs is very funny and is the reason this lizard is also called "bicycle lizard.” Read more:

"I think your costume really kills—
I like the look; I dig the frills.”

So said the lizard’s best of friends,
But this is how a friendship ends:

A friend who’s trying to be kind
Says something—fails to use his mind.

And the receiver takes offense,
A snit ensues—no real suspense.

But later, maybe, all will cool.
The lizard knows he’s been a fool.

He texts his friend—apology.
They meet for beers—and amity.

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