Monday, December 19, 2016

ZooWeird 19

A doggerel series about odd or little-known animals.

Eleutherodactylus cosnipatae, the world's smallest frog. It occurs exclusively in the Cosñipata Valley, on the north-eastern slopes of the Cadena de Paucartambo, a frontal range of the Andean Cordillera Oriental in the Cusco Department of Peru. There is very little research on the species and thus we know very little about it. Read more:

“The smallest in the world!” he cried.
“Perhaps that means I’ll not be fried!”

Fat chance. For gourmands like a bit
Of frog fresh fried, they do admit.

And so those frogs (as they would see)
Became a fad—a rarity.

The only problem? No relief
For bits of frog between your teeth.*

*Yes, it’s not a perfect rhyme. Tough. I like it.

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