Thursday, September 24, 2015

Words, Words, Twaddle, 38

(We all dislike/hate certain words and locutions; here are some of mine.)

In and Out

The “outcomes” came.
They freaked him out
I wondered, “What’s this all about?”

This teacher told me,
Short and plain:
“I wish I really could explain

How serious
The outcomes are.”
I didn’t let him go too far.

“I’m more concerned,”
I said to him,
“What we are teaching Jill and Jim.

For what comes out
We may not know—
Effects, you see, aren’t fast but slow.

And what goes in
Must mix with hearts
And minds and memories—other parts.

So what comes out
At first? Too soon—
An incomplete and hurried tune.

Some meals are best
When cooked on Low:
We need to trust the sure, the slow.”

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