Friday, September 4, 2015

Words, Words, Twaddle, 18

(We all dislike/hate certain words and locutions; here are some of mine.)

What Is Is

I am sick of your language—yes, all that you say.
You are not (I fear) much of a whiz.
Like today in the office I heard what you said:
You declared that “it is what it is.”

Well, that’s really so patent—like “air is just air”—
And, well, I am a sensitive guy,
So when hearing you say that “it is what it is,”
Well, I knew that my soul would just cry.

So tonight (in the dark) you will hear a grim sound—
It’s a sputtering kind of a fizz.
Then the bomb will explode, and then you will disperse.
Don’t you worry: It is what it is. 

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