Sunday, September 28, 2014

Saturday Farmers’ Market; Hudson, Ohio

Saturday Farmers’ Market; Hudson, Ohio

The shoppers swarm across the Green
On this, a market day.
They've come to buy the produce that
Is now there on display.

The bargains are not always great—
But still there’s lots to buy,
And all enjoy the weather—there’s
A mild September’s sky.

Yes, babies in their strollers, and
Some dogs upon a leash,
While people sample goodies—from
Some jam to bread to quiche.**

No whiff of mere mortality
Can ruin market day,
For things seem simply ever green
When weather will obey. 

**not sure about this--but it rhymes

Newspeak was the tongue he hated—
Heard it spoken, was deflated.

[newspeak = propagandistic language marked by euphemism, circumlocution, and the inversion of customary meanings; double-talk]

Shakespeare Couplet:  Romeo and Juliet (3)

“Once more, on pain of death, all men depart,”
The Prince declares—this strife just tears his heart. (1.1)

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