Saturday, September 13, 2014

And So We Begin ...

For the past several years I've been posting to Facebook each day some little ditties that, collectively, I've been calling "Daily Doggerel." Initially, I called them "Daily Quatrains," but I soon found I needed, at times, to be more ... expansive. Four lines just were insufficient to communicate the range of my--what?--insubstantiality? My superficiality?

Anyway, I soon was adding other little daily ditties, too. From my word-of-the-day calendar I would compose a little couplet (or more) about the word from the day before; I also began summarizing the plays of Shakespeare in rhymed couplets of iambic pentameter (hmmm ... wonder where I got that idea?).

It was not long before the whole thing was out of control. I had accumulated so many of the ditties that I decided to collect, then publish them on Kindle Direct. On June 6, 2013, I uploaded the first of what has now grown to be six volumes (each about 100 pp long); the seventh will appear at the end of November/beginning of December.  Here's a link to my Amazon Author Page where you can see these volumes--and others of more legitimate stature (an annotated edition of The Call of the Wild, a YA bio of Jack London, and numerous others).

So what are these "poems" about? In the e-published volumes, I arrange the pieces by categories--such as the following: Family; Films, Movies, Books; Quotidian Quandaries & Quibbles; Rants; Nature and Animals; Seasons and Celebrations; etc.

In order to repel a wider audience, I'm no longer going to post the doggerel on Facebook; instead, I'll put them on this site (with a link on FB) so that legions (!) of other readers can take a look and wonder in the basements of their souls what on earth is wrong with this man?

So ... welcome to Post #1 ... and today's installment of Daily Doggerel:

Saturday, 13 September 2014


King Bladder calls in darkest night,
And I attend (I’m kinda bright)
And totter toward that special place—
Avoid nocturnal damp disgrace.
King Bladder’s been the Boss of Me
Since I had prostate surgery
On June 14, 2005.
(But I’m still here, yes, still alive!)
Since then—I get two hours’ sleep;
The King will call, and I will creep
Toward the throne room in the dark.
Obeisance done, I can’t remark
Or otherwise defy this King
Who’s now in charge of everything.
Instead, I crawl back into bed,
Await that Voice within my head,
And stumble off at His command—
O, Bladder King! O, ruthless hand!
O, King, what precious stones you’ve got,
But I am full of regal rot,
And I am sick of shock and awe—
I say, “Let’s stage a coup d’├ętat!”


I knew the stars must all be crossed
When Bob, cartographer, got lost.

[cartographer = one that makes maps]

Shakespeare Couplet: A Midsummer Night's Dream (40):

“Methought I was enamor’d of an ass,”

Titania says, so glad her “dream” has passed.  (4.1)

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