Thursday, September 25, 2014

And Some Change ...

And Some Change

The red is seeping into trees—
Like sunset into cloud—
Like silver hairs among the gold—
Or blood into a shroud—

Like novel thoughts arriving to
Reside inside the head—
Or blushes in a guilty face—
Or wine into the bread

Or fog into a seaside town
Or value into art
Or pride pervading parents or
Pure darkness in a heart.

The squirrels do a frantic dance
Across the autumn lawns—
While daily suns descend into
Horizons made of bronze.

All things prepare for change, it seems,
Suffusing what is now
With something very different that
We’ll soon accept somehow.

The guy was so meticulous
It got to be ridiculous.

[meticulous = marked by extreme or excessive care in the consideration or treatment of details]

Shakespeare Couplet: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (51)

Puck says, “Give me your hands if we be friends,”
And with his words, this play of dreams now ends.  (5.1)

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