Saturday, September 27, 2014

Changing Leaves—Old Mill Road, September 25

Changing Leaves—Old Mill Road, September 25

On Old Mill Road the branches reach
Across this rural way.
The autumn colors now suffuse
The foliage on display.

I humanize those social trees—
Imagine reaching hands,
An older tree, paternally,
Explaining autumn’s plans.

The younger tree thinks death is near—
His leaves, he feels, will fall,
And is a tree without its leaves
A living thing at all?

The father then reminds his son
Of cycles in the year,
Attempts to pacify the child—
“There’s not a thing to fear.

It’s just the shedding of the old—
It’s what we have to do,
And then in spring—remember, Son?—
We’re lush and green and new.”

But nothing is forever—as
All sons must one day learn:
A dark and cruel spring arrives,
And Father’s not returned. 

1.Dumb …

I know that he was looking for a friend,
But I was not—decided to rescind

2.… and Dumber

I didn't get your text today—
The only way to mend?
Just build a time machine and then
You simply click pre-send.

[prescind = to withdraw one’s attention]

Shakespeare Couplet:  Romeo and Juliet (2)

The families brawl in a Verona street.
The Prince is angry—says it is not meet. (1.1)

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