Friday, September 26, 2014

Banned Book Week

Banned Book Week

We ban a book and hope to keep
A child in innocence.
But such a strategy, of course,
Is simply lacking sense.

For innocence cannot remain,
No matter what we try,
And growing children recognize
A literary lie.

So when we ban or burn or try
Maneuvers of this kind,
We just adopt another way
To stunt a growing mind. 

1. Dumb …

The sexy robot stared so sexily
That soon I thought, “Could this be right for me?”

2. … and Dumber

Ralph went shopping with dear Roe, and
Did what he'd been well taught:
Kept his mouth completely shut, and
Smiled at all that Roe bought.

[robot = 1a: a machine that looks and acts like a human being  b: an efficient but insensitive person  2: a device that automatically performs repetitive tasks]

Shakespeare Couplet:  Romeo and Juliet (1)

"A pair of star-cross’d lovers”—we begin
This contest which young lovers fail to win. (Prologue)

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