Monday, May 29, 2017

Around the World in the Good Ship DOGGEREL, 82

A Doggerel Series about the Countries of the World

It was in '99 that I traveled by train--
All through France and the Alps--not to hard to explain:
It was Shelley research--oh, the things that I found!
From the Shelleys' last house to the place that he drowned.

But in Florence, I fear, oh, my pocket was picked--
I would not have believed I'd be so simply tricked.
But in Rome and in Naples--the sights that I saw!
I'll confess that throughout I was ever in awe.

And Vesuvius! Well, I just strode to the top--
And peered down in the crater--would lava please stop!?!?
But there wasn't much lava--just hints of it (steam)--
Though eruptions arrived late that night in a dream.

Well, I speak no Italian--but still got along
And just rarely made moves that were totally wrong.
But the people, the food, and the history there
Were sufficient--I felt like a new millionaire!

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