Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Around the World in the Good Ship DOGGEREL, 77

A doggerel series about the countries of the world.


Komodo dragons wander there—
Orangatans and such.
And lots of other critters that
I wouldn’t like to touch.

And islands by the thousands, all
Volcanoes ancient born.
And time and hist’ry—both of them—
The roughness well have worn.

On Java lives Jakarta—it’s
The capital, of course.
The South Pacific flows around
With oceanic force.

The languages are myriad—
The cultures also so.
A lifetime’s study—not enough
To learn all I should know.

I’ve not been there—and I am sure
I’ll not be going soon.
The light of day that is my life
Is now late afternoon.

But I can read—and fantasize—
About how brave I’d be
When I’d outface a dragon
Who’d be sore afraid of me.

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