Sunday, May 7, 2017

Around the World in the Good Ship DOGGEREL, 60

A doggerel series about the countries of the world.


I’ve been to France! And I’ve traversed
A bunch of it by train
Before I entered Switzerland—
Will I do it again?

I don’t speak French—my mother did—
My older brother, too.
But I took Latin, German—it
Was much for me to do!

I loved the countryside I saw—
The lights of Paris—yes!
I loved the Alps that we besieged—
The rivers, towns, the rest.

And then, of course, that history!
That literature, as well!
I once read Proust (in English—duh!),
Who had a tale to tell,

The greatest books I’ve ever read—
Will likely ever read.
I think of France—it all comes back—
And in my dreams I speed

Across that fabled countryside—
And I’m no longer old—
With memories and fondness for
Those great tales greatly told.

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