Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Around the World in the Good Ship DOGGEREL, 57

A doggerel series about the countries of the world.


On the African Horn, Ethiopia sits—
A most ancient of lands, and if you use all your wits,
You can figure a way you could visit the place—
And go see all its sights (with those eyes in your face).

It’s got mountains and valleys and deserts and more—
Yes, including Rift Valley—and creatures that roar,
Yes, including the cheetah—and there’s a baboon!
It’s so weird it makes jealous the bat and the loon.

It’s a place that’s been scarred by the daggers of war—
And a place where oppression has been at the core.
But let’s hope it has calmed in our more recent days.
And perhaps we can all go improve our dark ways?

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