Thursday, April 20, 2017

Around the World in the Good Ship DOGGEREL, 51

A doggerel series about the countries of the world.


In 7th grade geography
We had reports to write for class.
And so, as far as I could see,
I had to do it (had to pass!).

I picked a country—Ecuador—
A place I knew, well, zip about.
But I knew what the World Book’s for:
To help a seventh grader out.

I copied it—yes, word for word.
Our teacher didn’t seem to mind.
My grade was good; my conscience, blurred.
(Dear Mrs. Nichols—very kind.)

Now, Quito is the capital.
They made those hats called Panama.
The Andes stand so very tall.
And all the rest? Right down the maw

Of memory.That all took place
Way back in 1956.
When learning was a fragile vase,
But I would master World Book tricks.

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