Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sound and Sense, 2-28

1. knight (noun): a solider in the past who had a high social rank and who fought while riding a horse and usually wearing armor; a man who is given a special her and the title of Sir; a chess piece shaped like a horse’s head;  (verb): to give a man the rank of a knight
2. night (noun): the time of darkness between one day and the next;  (adj.) of or relating to the night; happening at night

I played some chess (was late at night)
But had some trouble with my knight:
I couldn’t get his moves down right.

But night skills are not strange to me—
Read on, dear friend, and you will see ...
Though night brings much … uncertainty.

Sir Dork (a knight) came here to play—
He had a firm, convincing way
To beat me. But it was my day

(I should say “night”): I kicked his butt—
I really cracked his coconut.
He drew his sword, prepared to cut,

But I was really on that night
And won the soon-ensuing fight.
I threw him out—but said, “Night, knight!

(I always like to be polite.)

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